Every year YAPC::NA attendees get together before the conference to socialize and have a group dinner. Of course, not all attendees like fun (actually, their are typically some who don't like the dinner choice or like smaller groups), so it is now tradition to buck tradition and have an anti-dinner. I'm sure someone will step up and organize it.

Not going to this event, try the Pre-Conference Dinner instead.

  • Leo Susanto (‎leosusanto‎): Any good vegan food? -- Check out the Chicago Diner. -Mark Stosberg -- Thanks Mark, I'll join 6'7" to Soul V.
  • Dave Rolsky (‎autarch‎): I'm probably going to Soul Vegetarian, anyone else want to come with me? I probably won't be at the dorms til 6pm or so. Email me at autarch@urth.org if you're interested, or just look for the really tall guy at the dorms on Sunday night (I'm 6'7").
  • Mark Stosberg and Matt Christian from Summersault will likely go to Soul V as well
  • Adri Mills
  • Karen Hoofnagle Soul Vegetarian sounds a heck of a lot more interesting than sports bar buffet. I'm in.
  • Hans Dieter Pearcey (‎confound‎) is for Soul V
  • Matt Reinhart Soul Vegetarian sounds great! I'm in. I'll likely be bringing some of the crew from Zappos.
  • Jim Brandt Thanks to a canceled flight, I'll be in late, so I won't be joining you.
  • Krishna Sethuraman (‎shamu‎) Count me in for Soul Vegetarian; I'll hunt for 200cm @ 6pmish, and plan to be at the Parrot Hackathon prior.
  • Bruce Gray (‎Util‎) Soul V++; I will be at the Parrot Hackathon until Dave shows up.

How are we planning to get to Soul V? Do we have enough cars?

Public transportation: we could take the 29 bus to 75th street or the red line to 79th street.

google map

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