Name Hugh Esco
Country United States
Perl mongers group
Company YMD Partners LLC dba/
PAUSE id hesco
Perlmonks id hesco


I do business as YMD Partners LLC, primarily as CF provides application hosting, telephony and custom development to Green Parties, Green candidates and to the non-profits working for a just and sustainable future. YMD consults with a handful of commercial clients, providing custom development, systems administration and devops workflow engineering.

I have been doing systems administration and custom development (mostly in perl) for about a decade. I have contributed a handful of modules to CPAN which might prove useful to some.

I serve as the Secretary of the Georgia Green Party. I have run for public office three times with the Party's nomination or endorsement (Lieutenant Governor in '98 and '02, for State Assembly in '03).

I worked two-and-a-half years as a perl coder at NTT / Verio, on a team maintaining their OPB system, until returning home to Georgia in 2013.

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