Get to the Point With Import::Base!

Get to the Point With Import::Base!

By Doug Bell (‎preaction‎) from
Lightning talk
Target audience: Any
Language: English
Tags: base boilerplate import

How many modules are in your standard preamble? If it's less than 2 ("use strict; use warnings"), you are the cause of all the suffering in the world. If it's less than 3 ("use feature"), you really need to think about upgrading to Perl 5.10, it's got some really nice features, and is almost 10 years old. If it's more than 4, how do you remember and type them all in every time?

Worse, how do you change your standard preamble? What do you do when certain modules are used in one context but not another? Are you using an object framework like Moo? A types framework like Type::Tiny? Useful, helpful modules like Path::Tiny? Experimental features with the "experimental" module? How do you manage it all?!

Put down those code templates! Stop the copy/paste of boilerplate! New from PerlCo Industries Incorporated LLC: Import::Base! The revolutionary customizable boilerplate management tool! Reduce your module's imports to one single line! Easily change your project's boilerplate in one place to add new best practices or upgrade to new Perl features!

This talk quickly introduces Import::Base and explains its features. The only question you'll have left is "Why aren't I using this already?"