May 18, 2016 Hotel room update.


  • Online hotel reservations no longer available. You must call to reserve now.
  • Some people are being told the hotel is "sold out". Depending on your circumstances, this might be incorrect.
  • Rooms with King beds are almost sold out. You may have to ask for a different room type.
  • If you are arriving several days prior to the event or staying several days after the event, the group discount may not be available to you.
  • If you experience problems booking your room, please ask to speak to the Reservations Supervisor

As we get closer to YAPC, some room types on certain nights are nearly sold out. Also, since we only reserve hand full of extra rooms on the days leading up to the event and the days after the event, these tend to become unavailable first (as is the case this year.)

Because of this, the hotel has taken down their online portal for reservations. If you would like to book a room, please call the hotel at 866-247-3571 and request to book your room with group code "16Y".

You may be informed that no rooms are available. If this happens, don't be alarmed. The first thing you might want to do is ask if the dates you want are available with an alternate room type. If you are staying extra days outside of the conference dates, you may also want to ask about which days are unavailable. It's possible the group discount will only be available for a portion of your stay.

You might be told that the group code "expired May 18th". This is incorrect. While typically group codes do expire one month prior to an event, we negotiated special terms with the hotel so that our group code would be valid until June 1st. However, parts of their reservation software are not flexible enough to be aware of our special exception.

If you still experience problems with booking, please ask to speak to the Reservations Supervisor, Erika Winslow and calmly explain your situation. She may have the authority to help you where the regular reservations specialists can not. Additionally, she is aware of our group, while the person that answered the phone may not be. Erika is available Monday through Friday until 4PM (EDT).

We all understand that it can be frustrating when things don't go smoothly when making your travel plans and we truly appreciate you patience. Our goal is to make sure you have a positive experience at this conference, from beginning to end. If there is anything the organizers can do to help you, please feel free to contact