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Capital One

Preferred locations are San Francisco, CA or Wilmington, DE, but remote is an option too. The posted position is more senior, but there is some flexibility. For more information find rGeoffrey.


We have a number of positions available. Of most interest to this crowd:

We also have the following developer positions available:

Lastly we have many other positions in Product Management, Sales, HR, and administration that might interest you or someone you know. Be sure to check out our careers page for the full list.

For developer/technical positions, working in Santa Monica, CA or remotely is generally acceptable. Sales, HR, Admin, and other positions normally require being at our Santa Monica offices.

ZipRecruiter is a blast to work for, just ask one of the dozen of us at the conference.

Clearbuilt Technologies

We're small, 100% telecommute, and we're looking for strong Perl programmers who know how to solve problems from scratch. Everything we do going forward is Dancer, DBIx::Class, Postgresql, and custom every time. It's never boring, and you'll be pretty independent. Right now we're looking for people who can give 20-30 hours a week (remember, it's 100% telecommute) and that can turn into some full-time positions (or not, if you prefer). Contact mw@clearbuilt.com for more info.


Runscope is located in the heart of San Francisco. We build fantastic tools to help developers solve API problems. We have several positions open in addition to the the one above.

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