Information for Speakers

Projector information:

Edit your talk description to share up to two links to somewhere, including your slides. The first paragraph of talk's description and the links for all the talks will appear on the proceedings page.

The Casper Room will be available as a Speaker's lounge on Monday through Wednesday.

Information for Lightning Talk Speakers

On your day to speak, sit in the front row. On Monday this means start the day there. Tuesday during the 10 minute break as our session starts. And Wednesday during the break when they are moving the walls to remake the big room.

During the break before we get started be sure to try your laptop on the big screen.

If possible, find rGeoffrey well before it is time to speak to say hello and reassure him that you do exist and are ready to speak.

If you think you have a reason to do something creative with your time, other than the standard bell with one minute to go, just ask, we can probably work something out.

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