Name Mr. Chuck Hardin
City Nashua, NH
Country United States
Web page
Perlmonks id chardin


Button-cute, rapier-keen, Texan-brown and pauper-poor is Chuck Hardin, whose awkward, burly figure is better known to the twilit half-world of five continents than to the employment agencies of greater Boston. That he possesses the power to become invisible to finance companies; that his laboratory is tooled up to manufacture destructive robots he refers to as "Heavy Metal Apes" on a fantastic scale; and that he owns one of the rare mouths in which butter has never melted are legends treasured by every schoolboy.

Shackled to the mighty wheel of ZipRecruiter, Chuck spends his few hours outside of work raising turkeys which he occasionally displays in downtown Nashua, NH, and stirs little from his alembics and retorts. Those who know hint that the light burning late in his laboratory may result in a breathtaking electric bill. Queried, he shrugs with the fatalism of your true philosopher. "Mektoub," he observes curtly. "It is written."

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