Ode To Perl

Ode To Perl

By Joe Axford (‎j0e‎) from austin.pm
Lightning talk
Target audience: Any
Language: English

You can find more information on the speaker's site:

I would like to perform a blues I wrote on the drive to Salt Lake from Austin. I will setup an amp and run a voice mic and plug my 1938 Gibson J-35 into the amp, hence I'll provide my own sound reinforcement so the sound will be good. I'll setup on the side ahead of the talks so I won't get into anybody's way. Last night (Sunday) I overheard Geoffrey say he is in need for speakers in the 80-minute slot, I can be ready for today. Here's the lyrics, the tune will be done in a standard 12 bar blues style:

I owe it all to Perl,
I thank God for Perl everyday.
I was down and out, but...
Perl came through and saved the day!

They say no man's an island,
With Perl it's certainly true.
When I needed help,
Good ole' Perl came shinin' through.

Ride that camel, hold on tight!
Good ole' Perl, will do you right!
I owe it all to Perl,
I thank God for Perl everyday.
Perl is mighty fine, I tell you...
Perl is A-Oh-kay!

Attended by: Joe Axford (‎j0e‎),