Feb 09, 2015 Call for Master Classes

Are you an experienced Perl instructor who would like to offer a course at YAPC:NA this year in Salt Lake City? We want to offer the Perl community a selection of courses and tutorials before and after the conference.

Master Classes can be a half day (3 hours), full day (6 hours) or 2 days in length and will run on Sunday 7th, Thursday 11th, and Friday 12th of June.

To submit your proposal please send the following information to talks@yapcna.org

  • Class Title
  • Names of Speakers
  • Speaker Biography
  • Abstract
  • Class Description, including
    1. the course's length
    2. the intended audience
    3. any prerequisites or expected level of knowledge
    4. any supplies you will be providing to students
    5. any supplies you expect students to bring
    6. a short course outline
    7. maximum class size
  • The dates on which you would be willing to give your course (June 7th, 11th, 12th)
  • A list of requirements for the venue (A/V, Internet, etc.)
  • Cost of the Class

Please bear in mind that it is our goal to keep the cost of these classes down for students as this is a low cost conference.