Date: Tuesday, 9 June 2015 20:00
Duration: 150 minutes

Curious about Perl 6, but not sure where to start? Or been dabbling, but want to get your understanding of the language on firmer foundations? Then get a Perl 6 compiler on your laptop, and come on down to this session! The tutorial will mix explanations of the Perl 6 language along with a number of short, hands-on exercises and challenges, to give you a chance to try things out for yourself.

Topics covered will include:

* Values
* Variables
* Basic operators
* Flow control
* Arrays, iteration
* Basic I/O
* Hashes
* A selection of useful methods on arrays and hashes
* Subs and signatures
* (time permitting) Classes, attributes, and methods, regexes, grammars

Participants should install a recent Rakudo Perl 6 on their laptop prior to attending the course. You can find the latest Rakudo Star release, including MSIs for Windows users, at:

Those familiar with perlbrew (or who want to be on the bleeding edge) may prefer rakudobrew instead: