Date: Sunday, 7 June 2015 09:00
Duration: 390 minutes

YAPC::NA is proud to announce "From Zero to Perl," a special course for programmers new to the Perl programming language, to be taught by Sawyer X on Sunday the 7th June.

There is an additional registration fee of $75 to take this course. Please be sure to select the "From Zero to Perl" option when registering.

About the Course:

The "Zero To Perl" course is designed to introduce programmers of any experience level to Perl 5 programming. (Non-programmers are welcomed as well!) This one-day course will give you the basic skills you'll need to program in Perl for a variety of tasks, including Web development, text processing, bioinformatics, database manipulation, systems administration, devops, and more.

The course will cover basic Perl syntax, including variables and data structures, flow control, functions, reading and writing files, and regular expressions. Instruction will be interspersed with hands-on sessions where you'll put into practice the concepts that you have just learned. Instructors will be available to give each student direct assistance as needed.

After completing this course, you'll be ready to start writing your own Perl programs and you'll be perfectly positioned to enjoy the rest of YAPC::NA, even if this is your first exposure to Perl.

Course Preparations:

Students should bring a laptop, ideally with Perl and a programmer's text editor (such as Vim, Emacs, Sublime Text, Notepad 2, etc.) already installed. Be prepared for an intense day of hands on learning. Code samples and course materials will be provided on site

About the Instructor:

Sawyer X is an experienced Perl programmer with a passion for guiding and mentoring. He's ran a successful Perl beginners course and participates in outreach programs for beginners. His involvement with projects extends beyond the technical contribution and aims at providing a good environment for others while helping new-comers as they make their first steps