Normally the Arrival Dinner and the Anti-Arrival Dinner don't fill up. This year it did. If anyone's interested in going out with a group, do so!

The Procrastinators Arrival Dinner is another alternative for carnivores.

Organizer: Timothy Lord (‎timothy‎)

Time and Place

My plan:
7:23 PM Mother's Cafe & Garden
4215 Duval (North and west of the UT campus area, but still in the area that didn't need to be annexed from Canada).

Mother's is vegetarian, with many vegan options. It is 1.7 miles from the LBJ library by foot.

FOLLOWUP NOTE: Thanks to everyone who came; we had a table of 8, and I believe all were happy with our meal. Quiet place (amenable to conversation), pleasant service, good food, good coffee. Austin has lots of great places to eat, of course, but Mother's definitely stays on my good list.


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