TPF Perl / Eclipse Integration Project

Discussions between The Perl Foundation and Eclipse Foundation have led to the decision that the Eclipse platform will more closely support Perl as a software engineering and enterprise software development platform. E-P-I-C will most likely be a component of this project, but the idea goes well beyond this. This BOF is to help flesh out this concept and plan out its implementation.

Included here, below, is the discussion paper I prepared for the meeting that made this arrangement. Reading it should give some idea of what I hope to accomplish.

Possible Attendees:

- M W (‎diakopterXXX‎) - I'd like to attend this...
- Josh ben Jore (‎diotalevi‎)
- Todd Rinaldo (‎toddr‎)
- Leo Susanto (‎leosusanto‎)

Strategic Planning Meeting

The Perl Foundation and Foundation

March 20, 2008 while at EclipseCon 5

Santa Clara, CA


  • Richard Dice, President, The Perl Foundation
  • Bjorn Freeman-Benson, Techical Director of Open Source Process and Infrastructure, Foundation

Goals of TPF

  • Support the Perl 5 technology
o maintenance, evolutionary development
  • Support the Perl 6 technology
o R&D, revolutionary, great advances have been made
  • Support of Perl community and Perl culture
o needs to be much more business-friendly

Goals of Foundation

Proposed TPF/Eclipse project

  • menu option for Perl site management:
o install Perl
o verify Perl installation
o Perl documentation gateway
o Perl roadmap / news / announcements
o platform reporting for Perl (i.e. known issues for Perl with your environment)
o bundles EPIC plugin
o bundles Perl::Critic
o bundles Perl-Tidy
o tools for Perl testing
o CPAN module installation tool
o recommendation mode for modules

Benefits to TPF (per goals)

+ Piggybacking on an open-source platform with "enterprise acceptanace"
o (ideally, "corporate acceptance / authorization" of Eclipse would imply c.a./a. of Perl)
+ Exposure of Perl to more developers (possibly often just giving it as an option to developers who already know it and maybe even want to use it)
+ Opportunity to dispel myths of lack of organization in Perl community
+ Opportunity to dispel myths of lack of "software engineering"-level technology support for Perl

Benefits to Eclipse (per goals)

  • Brings a new class of developers to Eclipse, increasing Eclipse install base (depth and breadth)
  • Helps break perception that Eclipse ==> Java
  • Makes it possible for more developers to create Eclipse plugins (future -- requires exposing Eclipse internal API in bindings other than Perl)

Questions for Eclipse

  • perspective/strategies on "above the radar" acceptance
  • licensing considerations
  • Perl 5 vs. Perl 6 considerations

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