Where the heck do you sign-up to attend the conference? I can't find anything on the front page. It's a little difficult to find it between all the sponsor links - Tom Allison''

Try page needs to say, "Also, tip your cabbie. You are in Chicago now." I'm serious. - Gene Boggs''

Updated with a recommended tip amount.

As far as arriving by air, I'm guessing flying in Sunday would be recommended as far as avoiding rush hour. What would be a good time to have a flight leave on Thurs. (assuming there's a party after the closing cermonies on Wed.) in order to not have to deal with the trains in rush hour, with luggage (I'm planning on staying at dorms, for convenience sake - also, do they have towels and pillows when it says "linens")? - Dan Ellenbaum

Linens do include towels and pillows.

Sunday is indeed a good day to arrive, though you might want to come in early afternoon Sunday because we typically get together for a pre-yapc dinner and there are also hack-a-thons going on before yapc.

As far as when to leave on Thursday, the main rush is from 7am-9am and then from 4pm-6pm on the trains; however, tourists are starting to come it, so it is pretty busy all day. If you really want to punish yourself, the L is typically empty around 4am (I like early flights).

More Train to Airport Info:
If luggage is difficult to haul around easily, look on the CTA rail map for accessible stations, like the YAPC station which is Bronzeville-35 (Green). Also relevant are Roosevelt (Green/Orange/Red), and Clark/Lake (Loop Trains/Blue). This will make it easier to get you and your luggage to the airport. Note that the Lake/State (Loop Train/Red) transfer station is NOT accessible at the Red end.

To go to Midway from YAPC, change at Roosevelt. To go to O'Hare, change at Clark/Lake. Both go from elevated to subway via elevators, I believe.

I don't think avoiding rush hour is that big a deal. You and your luggage will almost always fit in a train. For the fewest crowds, in most cities, the last car of a train is often the emptiest. I have no idea why, but it's usually true.

This might also ease any lingering rush-hour worries: In the morning the Green Line is not that crowded (many more people take the nearly parallel Red Line), and outbound trains to both airports will certainly not be crowded in the morning. In the evening the inbound Green train will again not be crowded. The outbound Blue to O'Hare may be crowded, but the outbound Orange to Midway is not that heavily traveled a line to begin with. I have traveled by subway to many cities' airports, often at rush hour, and it's the most reliable way to get there. -- C. Rabbin

Can we use the swimming pool? -- Liz Cortell

Yes, people staying in the dorms can use the gym and swimming pool.

How do we check into the dorm rooms?

Each dorm has a lobby area on the first floor. You will be able to check in there at the front desk.

How do we pick up our meal tickets?

For those checking into the dorm, the meal card will be provided to you at checkin. Everyone else can either visit the dorm checkin and pick up their card or pick it up at the registration table Monday morning in the conference center.

I cannot find any reference to linens on the dorm room page. Do we have to bring twin long sheets?

Linens (towels, sheets, pillows) will be provided.

Can we refill/recharge the meal tickets?

No, but you can use cash after that. Credit cards are accepted at some on-campus stores also.

Can we cash out the meal tickets at the end of the conference?

Sorry, but IIT won't do that. You can however rack up on non-perishables at the on-campus convenience store or hand your meal card to someone who is going to be hosting the Hackathon.

Is there any laundry machine in the dorm?

According to "Laundry facilities and study lounges, as well as computer labs are located in the basements of the complex"

If significant others are travelling with us, what events can they attend and how much does it cost?

If you are planning on bringing someone to the conference that isn't a registered attendee, please let us know ahead of time by purchasing an additional banquet ticket on the YAPC::NA website. Tickets are $40 each and include:

- Dinner buffet (Italian, Southern, Middle Eastern, and Cajun varieties of food)
- Four hours of game play (bowling and table games)
- Cash bar (the first drink is on us)
- Access to the most exciting Perl auction in Chicago this year!

I see that there is a banquet. Where and when is it, how much does it cost, and how do you get your own ticket for it?

The banquet is on Tuesday and appears to start at 6:00p. For conference attendees, it's included with your registration. For additional people (not registered for the conference), refer to answer above this question.

What do we do on Monday or Sunday to get badges, programs, other registration materials? Where do we do that? Also, what will be the procedure for volunteers for a talk? Do we show up 10 minutes early, 30 minutes early?

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