Perl On Rails

No, literal rails.

Chicago is the terminus for several Amtrak routes. Amtrak doesn't have an Internet connection, but we could arrange a wireless setup with a mini-CPAN and have a mobile Hackathon if there's enough interest.

Please consider picking up a CTA visitor pass before you arrive so that you don't have to wait on a ride, but can instead jump right onto public transportation. You can pick up the pass at

Amtrak Routes to Chicago

Cardinal/Hoosier State: New York - Washington, DC - Cincinnati - Indianapolis - Chicago

Southwest Chief: Los Angeles - Albuquerque - Chicago

Lake Shore Limited: New York/Boston - Albany - Chicago

Arrivals/Departures by Rails

Let yourself be known! (or not). We're more efficient than those fools flying, so we're combining our arrivals and departures page.


* Sun 15th 09:45 (49 Lake Shore Limited) - Packy Anderson + fiancee
* Sun 15th 10:35 (851 Cardinal/Hoosier State) - Mark Senn


* Thu 19th 17:45 (50 Cardinal/Hoosier State) - Mark Senn
* Sat 21st 22:00 (48 Lake Shore Limited) - Packy Anderson + fiancee
* Sat 21st evening (Ann Arbor) - Gabor Szabo (‎szabgab‎)

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