PerlMonks BOF

  • Date: 2008-06-18 (Wednesday)
  • Time: Lunch, meet at 12:05
  • Room: Meet in front of the Crown Room

Come one, come all, and talk about your favorite Perl web site.

We'll be having lunch at a nice place in China Town that serves Asian food (but whose name I don't have handy at the moment).

Let's meet in front of the Crown Room (the "locked room" behind the registration table, SE part of the Herman Union Building) at 12:05. We'll leave at 12:10 to walk to the Red Line (if you don't have a transit pass already, then you'll have to walk a couple of extra blocks to the far side of the station). And bringing cash will make it easier to settle the bill (for lunch and for buying Larry). Thanks.

Note that this means that we will miss the first part of the Lightning talks. (Strong arguments to go earlier and thus missing a different set of talks can be entertained but only if made by quite early Wednesday).

Prospective Attendees

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