Parrot and Perl 6 Buildfest

Date and Time: Wednesday, June 18, 2008, 10:05 am - 12:05 pm

Location: Computer Lab

Have you been avoiding trying out Parrot or Rakudo (the Perl 6 implementation on the Parrot virtual machine)? Come to this lab session and solve your avoidance problems.

We'll walk you through a download of the Parrot source code, building and testing Parrot on your laptop or remote machine. Then we'll show you how to build Perl 6 on Parrot and get you to "Hello, world." At that point, you'll be ready to start playing with Perl 6 yourself.

The Parrot team is particularly interested in having you attend this workshop if you want to try out Parrot and Perl 6 on operating systems for which we do not regularly get smoke test reports. So we welcome participants working on Win32, OpenBSD, Solaris, etc., as well as Linux, Darwin and FreeBSD.


Who should attend this workshop?
Two types of people: (1) People who have heard about Parrot but have never attempted to configure and build it. (2) People who have built Parrot and now would like to build Perl6 on top of Parrot (Rakudo) or build another dynamic language on Parrot.

How should I prepare for this workshop?

Install a Subversion client on your laptop. Learn how to use it. Checkout a copy of the Parrot source code: svn co

What if I'm not bringing a laptop to YAPC?

We can set up a temporary account for you on a Linux server. You can use the computers in the lab to connect to this server and build Parrot there. Please speak to James E Keenan (‎kid51‎) to set up this account

I don't want to build Parrot on my laptop. I want to build it on my ___ server. (Fill in the blank with the OS of your choice.) Can you help me with that?

Yes. The Parrot development team is very interested in seeing how well Parrot builds on a wide variety of operating system/platform combinations. So we encourage you to connect to any remote server on which you have write privileges and build Parrot there.

Will there be presentations by Parrot experts at this workshop?
No. Members of the Parrot development team will be at the workshop. But they won't be standing up in the front of the room and presenting slides. Instead, they will be moving throughout the room helping you build Parrot or Perl 6 and answering questions as they arise. They'll be functioning as coaches or mentors rather than as experts.

How will the Parrot team get feedback from my attempt to build Parrot?
15 minutes before the workshop's scheduled endtime, we will ask everyone to pause in what they're doing and compose an email to our mailing list. In this email, you will attach build results.

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