Here's a list of commonly useful things to bring to YAPC. If it's your first time or you're forgetful, this may help you. If you've been a few times, please add some things you recommend people bring.

Conference stuff

  • laptop
  • Wireless card. Wifi will be available
  • short ethernet cable. Sometimes it's easier.
  • USB thumb drive for trading files with each other
  • pad and paper - Some people find it easier to take notes this way
  • resumes or business cards. Even if you're not planning on hitting the JobFair, you never know.
  • If you're a Mac user, bring whatever dongle you would need to connect your laptop to a projector. Presenters frequently forget theirs, and you can make everything run smoothly by having one to lend.
  • reusable travel mug or water bottle. Try to be environmentally friendly and cut down on disposable cups and bottled water.
  • something warm if you are cold-blooded. Sometimes the conference rooms are over-airconditioned.

Staying in the Dorms

  • "Linens" includes towels and pillows. Some people recommend that you bring your own towel anyway. Dorm towels are frequently scratchy and unpleasant.
  • Some have reported that some dorms in the past have been uncomfortably cold. Bring something warm.
  • Ear plugs if you're worried about noise at night, and if you want to hack in peace on the plane ride
  • Soap, shampoo, and other toiletries. The dorm isn't a hotel and probably won't have travel-sized stuff in the rooms.
  • Sandals

Extra Goodies

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