CPAN Testers BOF

This BOF is for anyone who is or wants to be a CPAN Tester. A chance to air any thoughts for improving CPAN testing and highlight any common pitfalls experienced by current testers. Also a chance for testers and authors to meet face to face, if they haven't already done so. Any contributions to improve the CPAN Testers Wiki are also welcome.

I would also like to take this opportunity to get group photo of all the CPAN Testers attending. Last year at YAPC::Europe 2007 in Vienna, we had 4 testers, so please come along and get your face on the front page of the CPAN Testers Statistics site :)

Interested Parties

When & Where

  • Date: Tuesday, 17th June
  • Time: 5.00pm
  • Room: The Expo Room (where test track is)

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