List on this page if you're in, and what kind of beer you'll try to bring.

The next challenge will be when and where. I'm voting for after the auction, similar to last year.
Since I will arrive late Monday and leave early Wednesday, I also vote for after the auction -- Jeremy Fluhmann (‎jfluhmann‎)
Leo Susanto (‎leosusanto‎) - same here, after auction is good. I am setting up shop down at the rec room (by the TV) - 10:30PM. Beerbof is moving to South Wing 2nd floor rec room.

-- Kent Cowgill (‎chargrill‎) - I'll bring some $LOCAL_BEER from $TOWN
-- Jeremy Fluhmann (‎jfluhmann‎) - I might bring some Shiner Bohemian Black Lager
-- Chris Fedde (‎cfedde‎) - With American Airlines charging extra for baggage I might be getting some chicago brew to throw in
-- Dave O'Neill (‎dave0‎) - Had to leave the beer behind, unfortunately.
-- Michele Berg - I'll be flying in from Kansas City, so I'll bring some Boulevard with me.
-- Andrew Moore (‎amoore‎) - I have two Boulevard Smokestack series from Kansas City. Pale Ale and Sixth Glass.
-- Leo Susanto (‎leosusanto‎) - Lagunitas IPA - mmmm
-- Michael Graham (‎magog‎) - I'll try to bring some Tankhouse and maybe some other Toronto area microbrews, depending on what I can fit in our car :)
-- Dan Magnuszewski (‎magnachef‎) - Bringing some Buffalo beer and possibly some homebrew.
-- Matt Follett - I'll be bringing in some Boulevard also, unless my bag is permanently lost, then someone stole my beer.

Does anyone know if there will be somewhere to refrigerate the beer? (Dave O'Neill (‎dave0‎))

I (Leonard Miller (‎olegm‎)) suggest that we get together tonight after the game in the main tv lounge in MSV

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