By Chris Dolan (‎chrisdolan‎) from
Date: Monday, June 16, 2008 03:40 PM
Duration: 70 minutes
Target audience: Intermediate
Tags: cocoa fun fuse hack par pdf

You can find more information on the speaker's site:

I'll demonstrate three cool technologies in the context of a Perl-backed Mac desktop application that mounts an arbitrary PDF file as a mountable, writable disk image:

* FUSE is a kernel hook and library to enable you to create and mount user space filesystems with minimal code

* PDF is an arbitrary data structure at its core. PDF as paginated document is a convention laid on top of the data tree. This model's flexibility lets me embed arbitrary data without interfering with the rendered document.

* PAR embeds the Perl VM and application code into a single executable file. It's like JAR, self-extracting ZIP and CPAN in one. I use PAR to roll all of the other code into a manageable bundle.

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