Gluing Together Amazon Web Services with Perl

By Timothy Appnel (‎tima‎)
Date: Wednesday, June 18, 2008 10:05 AM
Duration: 45 minutes
Target audience: Intermediate
Tags: amazon aws ec2 s3 services simpledb sqs web

Amazon continues to amaze us with its Amazon Web Services (AWS) series of web-scale offerings such as S3, SQS and EC2. These offerings provide any developer quick and easy access to infrastructure that is flexible, scalable and inexpensive -- a truly disruptive game changer.

However, if you are a Perl developer looking for information on how to use AWS with your language of choice you'll find preciously little.

This presentation aims to change that.

Based on his experience as a CPAN contributor and as a consultant, beta tester and developer using Amazon Web Services, Tim will cover everything a Perl girl or guy needs to know.

This session will begin with a brief overview of Amazon's services and their benefits before diving into the various libraries available on CPAN. The presentation will incorporate lots of code samples and build up to working applications that integrating multiple services.

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