Movable Type Open Source (MTOS) for the Perl Developer

By Timothy Appnel (‎tima‎)
Date: Wednesday, June 18, 2008 09:05 AM
Duration: 45 minutes
Target audience: Beginner
Tags: blogging movabletype mt mtos

Movable Type began life as nearly 7 years ago as a tool for enthusiasts and Blogger refugees that grew rapidly over the years to power millions of blogs of ever shape and form. Like it or not, MT is one of the most widely-deployed and well-known pieces of Perl software in existence and now it has been released under the GPL.

Often maligned for its commercial background and startup missteps, as a Perl developer shouldn't you know a little bit of something about it?

As a long time veteran of MT development who is not afraid to speak his mind, Tim will provide his unique perspective on MT, where it's been, what it can do and what lies ahead. Topics will include:

* MT Over Time
* Architectural Makeup
* The MT4 Registry (YAML)
* Data Object Layer
* Templates
* Plugins API Overview
* MTOS Roadmap, Current Activity & Getting Involved

The presentation will concluded with Tim fielding questions, feedback and dodging tomatoes (he has a preference for the Hot House kind) from the audience about MTOS.

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