Welcome to YAPC::NA 2008

By Josh McAdams (‎jmcadams‎) from Chicago.pm
Date: Monday, June 16, 2008 09:00 AM
Duration: 15 minutes
Target audience: Lightning
Tags: yapc

YAPC::NA 2008 is the ninth annual gathering of Perl programmers in the name of Yet Another Perl Conference. This year marks the second time the conference has been hosted in Chicago and though the venue might be familiar to some attendees, the conference is going to be better than ever. This year organizers have added hands-on tracks, an expo of Perl-related wares, and many other tweaks to make this the most valuable technology conference that you will attend this year.

In this brief session, we would like to welcome you to the conference and prep you for what you should expect to happen over the three days of the conference and the days of learning and hacking that follow.

At some conferences attendees show up so that they can cut out early to play golf. At others, the hallway track is the best session of the conference. At YAPC, we want you to be so overwhelmed that you don't know if you want to pull out the nine-iron, stick around the hallway, or attend two talks at once.

Welcome to YAPC::NA 2008!

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