Call for Participation

02/14/08 06:42 PM by Josh McAdams (‎jmcadams‎)

The Chicago Perl Mongers are excited to officially open the call for participation for YAPC::NA 2008. To submit your proposal, visit, create an account, and let us know what you'd like to talk about. Submissions will be accepted through March 15th 2008, so get yours in soon.
We are currently accepting proposals for conference talks with durations of 20, 45, 70, and 95 minutes. These talks can be directed at any level of Perl programmer, from the noobies to seasoned Perl veterans. If you want to show off an amazing hack or new framework that youve been involved with, this could be your chance. Possibly you just want to contribute to the community by giving an introductory talk on regular expressions or subroutines; we intend on having something for everyone this year.
If 20 minutes is a too intimidating for you right now or if you just dont have enough material to fill up that much time, dont fret, well be opening the call for lighting talks soon. These 5-minute mini-presentations are a great way to get a quick point across and to get some experience in presenting in front of a crowd. Keep watching this news source for more information about the lighting talks.
This year we are also planning on introducing more hands-on workshop-style tracks to the conference. These sessions will typically be a little longer than a normal presentation and will be much more informal. During the workshops, conference attendees will be able to interact with presenters to actually do things like compile Parrot or create a hello world program in Perl 6. If you are involved in a project and would like to host a workshop, please contact Josh McAdams directly at joshua dot mcadams at gmail dot com.

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