Check the Conference Wiki

06/02/08 09:56 PM by Josh McAdams (‎jmcadams‎)

YAPC::NA 2008 starts in less than two weeks!!! This is just a reminder that all attendees should take a few minutes and browse the conference wiki. There are several BOFs on there as well as the pre-conference and anti-pre-conference dinners. If your name's not on the pre-conference dinner list on the wiki, you won't be included in the "official" headcount for the dinner (and as Uri will tell you, this headcount is important!). There's also the arrivals by air and departures by air pages, as well as room sharing postings, the Thurs-Fri post-yapc Hackathon, and the Sat-Sun pre-yapc Parrot Hackathon. Another note to any first-time yapc attendees, the BOF schedule will likely start to become more structured (locations, days, and times added) during the first day, once people know where things are and have a better idea of their schedules.

See you all at YAPC::NA 2008!

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