YAPC::NA Housing Registration Open

05/08/08 10:30 AM by Pete Krawczyk (‎sachmet‎)

Housing, parking and meal options are now available for purchase in the YAPC::NA 2008 registration system.

This year, all dorm accommodations are in the MSV dorm due to construction at SSV. We have both single and double rooms available. If you register for a double room and wish to allow a roommate to check themselves in, please let Josh or myself know so we can make the appropriate arrangements. Housing registration will close on Friday, May 30th at 11:59 PM CT. After that time, you will have to make alternate arrangements.

The dining cards work the same as in 2006: you can purchase a card at registration that works at the various dining areas on campus. The cards are available in $20 increments. In 2006, we estimated that breakfast would cost approximately $5 per day, lunch $10 per day, and dinner $15 per day. Dinner will be provided on Tuesday.

If you haven't taken the time to register for the conference, you can do that at the same time. It's only $100 for three days of presentations, tutorials and workshops! And for an additional $200, you can register at The Perl Review for two-day master classes as well. It's the best bargain of the conference season!

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