YAPC::NA 2014 • Orlando, FL

General Hardware Hacking

Join the Perl Hardware Hackathon. There will be things hardware things to hack on this year. If you are bringing something please list it below. Let's make perl the glue and development language of the Internet of Things.

* Scripting Things a talk given at PPW.
* Hack a Day Hack a Day (perl) perl
* DangerousPrototypes DangerousPrototypes(perl)
* Makezine Makezine(perl)
* Combining Context with Signals in the Internet of Things
* iot.eclipse.org
* Ask an Engineer
* SparkFun Learn
* Python: A "Toy" Language


* Find others to help give Perl Hardware website more love and attention.
* Create a how to contribute document for the website.
* I would like to create a framework using Moose to handle all Multimeters. If you have a Multimeter please bring it a long.
* Explore MQTT Net::MQTT
* Can we get commitment for a Perl Hardware Advent Calendar like the Perl Advent Calendar?
** Tempting. :)
* Catalog, clean up, unify the weather station modules.
* Example of using HiPi or a similar rpi module.

Things Robert Blackwell (‎rblackwe‎) is bringing

* Various Arduinos
* 3 Raspberry pi
* Raspberry pi Camera
* Wolfson Audio Card for Raspberry pi
* PandaBoard
* Mastech MAS345 PC-Interfaced Digital Multimeter Device::MAS345.
* Programmable LED Badge Device::MiniLED
* Triple-axis Accelerometer+Magnetometer (Compass) Board - LSM303Device::LSM303DLHC
* BeagleBone
* BeagleBone Black
* Bus Pirate perl example code
* BlinkyTape Device::BlinkyTape
* Saleae Logic Needs more perl. (SDK)
* 4x4x4 Multi-Color LED Cube Device::Hypnocube
* 5 MaKey MaKey
* WiiChuck Adapter
* Gameduino
* Soundlazer
* Various other hardware such as servo motors, LEDs, Buttons, knobs, joysticks, etc.
* Leap Motion Device::Leap

Things Robert Blackwell (‎rblackwe‎) could bring if requested

* VoIP phone (make/model to come)
* TI Lanunchpad
* Roomba Create Robotics::IRobot

Things Reini Urban (‎rurban‎) is bringing

* 2 Parallela boards (armv7 + neon + 16core epiphany) with ubuntu on it. With OpenCL support. Faster than my desktop machine, but gets very hot

Things Zak Zebrowski is bringing

* Raspberry pi or two
* pi camera
* monitor
* http://amzn.com/B003WNHGAO
* wifi dongle
* RTK-000-003

Things Timm Murray is bringing

* AR.Drone v2
* Estes Proto-X
* Quad LiPo battery charger (with connectors for HXT 4mm, XT-60 female, Mini Tamiya female, and a few other oddballs)
* Arduino Uno
* Raspberry pi and camera
* Teensy 3.1
* RFM70 Wireless Modules

If you have one please bring it for people to play with ...

* Matrix HDMI switch with remote similar to this one.
* Any serial multimeter.
* Please bring a Thermostat with an API see Tweeting Thermostat
* Sphero
* GoPro nodejs
* Philips Hue Device::Hue

UAV Hacking (Combined with Hardware Hackathon above)

Maybe you can't afford an AR.Drone or some other UAV, but you can still have fun with one. Some things we could add to UAV::Pilot:

* Object recognition with OpenCV
* Port the drawing of video frames to OpenGL
* Draw on top of video frames (nav data, object recognition boxes)
* Augmented Reality games
* Tying the event system to the nav data (so you can program scripts like "turn up throttle until height = 400cm")
* Getting the HD video stream working on the AR.Drone
* Finish getting a video stream off a Raspberry Pi camera
* Documentation

There will be at least one AR.Drone to play with, including a good set of batteries. Others are encouraged to bring theirs along if they can fit it in their luggage. Be sure to see TSA rules on carrying batteries: http://blog.tsa.gov/2013/06/travel-tips-tuesday-safely-packing.html

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