YAPC::NA 2014 • Orlando, FL

Game Night

Based on the success from 2012, and 2013, we have decided to continue the tradition of a Game Night rather than a Conference Banquet. We feel this gives people a better opportunity to mix and mingle without the formalities of a sit down banquet.

Food (Vegan and Non-Vegan) will be served, but the focus will be on the Games.

Magic The Gathering

The conference has organized the ability for people to play a series of "Limited Draft" Magic The Gathering games. Players will be split out into tables of 8, given un-opened packs of cards that they will be allowed to pull cards from to develop a 40 card deck that they can then use to play against other players at their table. All the cards pulled may be kept by the Players at the end of the night. More detailed rules will be handled at Game Night.

(Faelin Landy (‎wolf‎) has brought about 15 various decks for people who just want to remember the good old days when they had no money, no lives, and way too many cards--without needing to actually have the cards)

Other Games

Additionally Others May bring games of their own. Sign up below with what you can/may bring.

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