Game Night - Tuesday night

Game Night is being planned. Appetizers and soft drinks and wifi will probably be provided by the conference and sponsors, but you'll buy the alcohol.

Folks bringing board games: list them here so you have a bit of knowledge of the number of game tables and so folks can put their names beside ones they want to play.

Keep in mind folks will likely be wandering in and out throughout the evening.

More details later, here and to the mailing list.

Mike South game list

Here are games I have--put your name by any you want me to bring. Not saying I'm bringing any if there is no interest indicated here. I'm first initial last name at gmail if you want to get in touch. At present I am planning on driving down in my own vehicle so it should not be a problem to bring a bin with all of these.

* Agricola
* Bohnanza
* Dominion
* Galaxy Trucker
* Princes of Florence
* Puerto Rico
* Qwirkle
* Seven Wonders
* Small World
* Ticket to Ride: Europe

Dungeons & Dragons

Ricardo Signes (‎rjbs‎) will run something. Express interest.

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