Submitted talks: 6
Accepted talks: 4


Demos and Tutorials

Demos and tutorials of particular bits of software, both established and newly revealed.

Speaker Talk title Duration Language Date
Olaf Alders (‎oalders‎) ‎Ab(Using) the MetaCPAN API for Fun and Profit‎ 45 minutes English 04/06/13 11:10
Mike Friedman (‎friedo‎) ‎Testing CPAN in the 21st Century:‎
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45 minutes English 04/06/13 15:05
Yusuke Wada (‎yusukebe‎) ‎Inside Bokete: Tips of making web applications with Mojolicious and other components‎ 20 minutes English 05/06/13 11:35

Programming and Perl

Talks on general programming principles, lessons, and techniques, as well as those unique to Perl.

Speaker Talk title Duration Language Date
Thomas Sibley (‎trs‎) ‎Wrangling for your bidding‎ 45 minutes English 04/06/13 13:30