Mar 14, 2016 YAPC Updates #5

In this issue:

  • YAPC and “The Perl Conference”
  • Free subscription to Linux Journal Magazine
  • Sponsor spotlight: Bluehost
  • Want to sponsor YAPC?
  • Tutorials announced: Dancer and Moose!

YAPC and “The Perl Conference”

In the late 1990’s, “The Perl Conference” was a conference hosted by O’Reilly Media on the west coast of North America. In 1999, Kevin Lenzo created the “Yet Another Perl Conference” (commonly known as YAPC) as a lower cost alternative for people on the east coast. YAPC was so successful that the “Yet Another Society” was established primarily to administer that conference. Over time, the YAS came to be known as “The Perl Foundation” and took on many more responsibilities.

During that time, “The Perl Conference” came to be known as “OSCON”. Its main focus shifted away from Perl, and started incorporating other topics of general interest to the programming community. For decades we had “OSCON” and “YAPC”, and anyone who has been within the Perl community for a long time knows the difference and what each event is. However, for people new to the Perl community, the term “YAPC” is a bit confusing.

In an effort to appear more welcoming to newcomers, starting in 2016 we will be referring to YAPC::NA as “YAPC” inside the Perl community, but will also be advertising it as “The Perl Conference.” The Perl Foundation thanks O'Reilly Media for granting us permission to use the name and notes that O'Reilly Media is not otherwise affiliated with the event in any way.

Free subscription to Linux Journal Magazine

The Yet Another Society and The Perl Foundation would like to thank Linux Journal Magazine for generously offering a 6 month subscription to all YAPC::NA::2016 attendees. To claim your subscription, you need to opt-in when you purchase your event ticket. If you have already purchased a ticket and would still like to opt-in, you only need to go back to the purchase page and check the appropriate box ( If you do decide to opt-in, your contact information will be sent to Linux Journal.

Sponsor spotlight: Bluehost

The Perl Foundation is pleased to announce the return sponsorship of Bluehost!

Bluehost was founded in 2003 with one goal: to make a better hosting company. Built from the ground up on open source technology like Perl, we've since grown to become one of the world's largest providers of cloud-based online solutions. Operating beneath the Wasatch Mountains in Utah, over 700 of us are pushing boundaries to deliver the promise of the internet to more people than ever.

With Google Integration, 24/7 support, and a money back guarantee, it’s no wonder Bluehost is a top rated hosting provider. YAPC::NA is proud to have Bluehost back as a Gold Sponsor for YAPC::NA::2016!

Want to sponsor YAPC?

The best way to sponsor YAPC is through a sponsorship to The Perl Foundation. By sponsoring TPF, not only do you get recognition for your support of YAPC::NA, but you are also recognized as a sponsor of our regional Perl Workshops, our Outreach Program for Women, beginner training initiatives, and our grants programs for an entire year. It really is the way to get the most value for your sponsorship money.

The donation prospectus for The Perl Foundation may be found at

Sponsors interested in sponsoring only YAPC should email We are usually able to work things out on a case by case basis depending on your needs. Often, we will pick out a particular aspect of running the conference that matches the sponsors' budget (Wi-fi, Social event, Coffee break, etc... ) and give the sponsor recognition for providing that element of the event.

Any sponsorship amount over $500 entitles the sponsor to a table at our sponsor expo and job fair. One complimentary pass to YAPC is provided for each $1,000 donated. Representatives that are only staying for the job fair do not need to have a pass.

Tutorials: Programming the web with Dancer and Introduction to Moose

Course Name: Programming the web with Dancer
Sunday, June 19th 2016 (One full day)
Cost: $75
Instructors: Sawyer X and Mickey Nasriachi

Course Name: Introduction to Moose
Thursday, June 23rd 2016 (One full day)
Cost: $175
Instructor: Dave Rolsky