YAPC::NA 2014 • Orlando, FL



(Internet Relay Chat) Computer conferencing on the Internet.

The YAPC::NA::2014 team recommend that to have the best experience at YAPC that you learn how to take advantage of #yapc at irc.perl.org, Port 6667

You have multiple choices to join in the fun and discussions.

0) If you don't mind ads - just use your browser! Visit https://chat.mibbit.com/#yapc@irc.perl.org and let the javascript client provided by mibbit.com do the rest.

1) If you have a Mac you can try
LimeChat or

2) If you are on Windows you can try
mIRC or
the irssi exe

3) If you prefer your console or you ssh to a server, try

4) If you are using Firefox you can try
the chatzilla addon

5) Pidgin is a multi-platform chat client with IRC support. Add an account on irc.perl.org with the username you prefer (no password needed). Then Join a Chat or Add Chat with channel #yapc.

6) If all else fails use your browser and let another site make the connection for you

So download your favorite IRC clients, get logged in, and have some fun!

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