YAPC::NA 2014 • Orlando, FL

Perl is Awesome: the death and life of Perl

By Mark Keating (‎mdk‎) from northwestengland.pm
Date: Monday, 23 June 2014 09:00
Duration: 50 minutes
Target audience: Beginner

Once again the blakey folk that lurk around comment posts, dubious statistical sites and social media beartraps that litter the internet have called forth the demise of Perl. It was so sudden, yet drawn out. Apparent when you close one eye and look at the figures upside down hanging from a train in a Budapest station.

In this keynote Mark will take a look at some other figures and arguments that support his statement the 'death and life of Perl'.

After a vague roll in the stats we will take a look at the elements that actually breathe continual life into Perl and together we will discover why Mark thinks Perl is Awesome.

There will be flippancy, slight surrealism, the occasional jibe, and humour extracted from the mean streets of Halton.

Aimed at everyone but for the conference neophyte a gentle introduction to the three days of talks. Be there, there could be bribes.

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