Social Events

Sunday Night Dinners

Monday Afternoon VIP Mixer

This event will follow the lightning talks in the LBJ Auditorium Lobby. At this mixer, we'll focus on the most important people to the YAPC: First time attendees. The big names you've come to know from afar will be there to get to know you. All are welcome to attend.

Monday Night Dinner BOFs

Monday Night is Dinner BOF Night.

Monday Movie Night

As an enhanced, Dinner BOF, You can do dinner and a movie at Alamo Drafthouse.

I am organizing a movie night at the Alamo Drafthouse. We have rented an entire theater for up to 72 people with food and drink you can order. Here is their menu. Since we would have the whole theater, heckling is encouraged! This event will start at 9pm after the VIP party and we have the place until 1am so we can see 2 movies and maybe a filler like a sitcom (big bang!). dha will have a bunch of discs we can choose from. My leading picks are The President's Analyst and North by Northwest.

To get tickets, sign in to crowd tilt and then go to here to join the crowd. Be sure to add your name here as well. is sponsoring this event. $15 gets you in with a ticket for one drink. Food and additional drinks are on your own. The beer and food menu at the Drafthouse is pretty good from what we hear.

Uri Guttman (‎uri‎)
Jeremy Fluhmann (‎jfluhmann‎)
Kelley Huston (‎kalinda‎) - VERY interested especially if the new ST:Into Darkness is shown!
Michael Cox - In!
Mark Allen (‎mallen‎) - Interested!
Curtis Jewell (‎CSJewell‎) - Depends on the movie.
Reini Urban (‎rurban‎) + Mirjam Urban (‎mirjam‎) - our favorite theatre. at all.
Bryan Rivera - very interested
Karl Arp - What kind of price are we looking at?
Chris Fedde (‎cfedde‎)
Keith Howanitz - Interested
Khaled Hussein (‎dsog‎) - Totally IN
Mike Fragassi (‎frag‎), + 1 guest
William Wolf - Definitely In!
Al Newkirk (‎alnewkirk‎) - To infinity, and beyond!
Vat Raghavan (‎MachinShin‎) - In like Flint!
Zakariyya Mughal (‎sivoais‎) - woohoo!
David H. Adler (‎dha‎) - I can, in fact, provide In Like Flint.
Christopher Madsen (‎cjm‎) - Interested, depending on movie & price
Matt Meinwald

YAPC 2013 After Party

cPanel Presents: It's Time for Recess
YAPC 2013 After Party

Featuring the Spazmatics

Monday, June 3, 2013 @ 9pm
Recess Arcade Bar
222 East 6th Street
Austin, TX 78701

Tuesday Night Game Night and YAPC Banquet

Sign up for a board/card game you're interested here

Esther's Follies on Thursday night

Esther's Follies is a long running show with musical comedy/satire and magic. My wife and I have bought tickets for the 8pm show on Thursday, June 6th. If you order tickets, say you are with YAPC and we will be seated together. We got reserved seats (better view) for $29 each. They serve drinks but no food so have dinner beforehand. Sign up below if you are going to attend. We may organize some caravaning to get there (it is on 6th St.)
Get your tix soon as they tend to sell out.

Uri Guttman (‎uri‎)
Jeremy Fluhmann (‎jfluhmann‎)

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