Perl Jobs BOF

We will meet at lunch on Monday, June 3rd. It is a 2 hour lunch break so we have plenty of time to chat.

Location: Under the Oaks Cafe in TCC lower level. Here is their menu. Before we gather I will make a table and chair space for us. They seat 130 so a group of 20 we can do. We have the permission of the cafe for that. Help with setting up or putting back the table/chairs would be great. Mention that next to your sign up or email me.

We had this BOF for the first time at YAPC::Madison and it went over well with the attendees. Ask someone who was in it last year about it. We will discuss the Perl job market, better ways to write resumes, how to best handle interviews and tests and more. We may share job and interview horror stories too.

Planned Agenda

This schedule will be running under strict.

* noon-12:30 Eat, introductions
* 12:30-12:45 Resume tips and ideas
* 12:45-1:00 Interview tips
* 1:00-1:15 Agent vs. Direct
* 1:15-2:00 Horror stories!

Sign ups

Add your name below if you plan on attending.

Uri Guttman (‎uri‎) (I will be leading this)
Joe Axford (‎j0e‎)
Jeremy Fluhmann (‎jfluhmann‎)
Rob Duncan (‎robd‎)(can help set up tables)
Martin Holste (‎mcholste‎)
Adam Dutko (‎StylusEater‎)
Connor Berry (‎sea6ear‎)
Frank Sheiness (‎archon‎)
Jeffrey Urban
jack lupton (‎itnomad‎)
Jesse Shy
Karen Etheridge (‎Ether‎)
Brent Laabs (‎labster‎)
Faelin Landy (‎wolf‎)
Scott Duff (‎perlpilot‎)
Kelley Huston (‎kalinda‎) (definite maybe lol)
Noel Maddy (‎Zhtwn‎)
Niall Durham (‎dbcooper‎)

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