This will be a smaller group dinner at a veg-friendly venue. I'm not sure what the limit will be, but probably c. 20 people.

While the ArrivalDinner will be veg-friendly this year, some folks may prefer a more intimate meal with a smaller group.

The Procrastinators Arrival Dinner is an alternative for carnivores.

Dave Rolsky (‎autarch‎) is organizing this. He can be reached via email ( or by phone (612-208-7321). Feel free to text him at that number too.

Time and Place

We will meet at 7pm on Sunday, June 2 in the lobby of the Thomson Conference Center.

Dinner will be at The Clay Pit, a nearby Indian place with vegan options.. It's 20-25 minute walk, so people may want to share a cab.

We have a reservation at 7:15 for 16 people. Given the number of people who've RSVP'd I suspect we'll have to add another separate table or two, but it's not like you can really site with 20 people anyway.


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