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Notes for YAPC first timers
Suggest a BOF
Sign up for the Hackathon
Ideas for talks
Live stream videos
Feedback to the organizers
Chat about YAPC on IRC
Group Registration
Places to eat lunch nearby
The Arrival Dinner (Hula Hut)
The Anti-Arrival Dinner (The Clay Pit)
The Anti-Anti-Arrival Dinner (Mother's Cafe & Garden)
Procrastinators Arrival Dinner (Rudy's BBQ)
Monday Night is Dinner BOF Night.
Tuesday Banquet and Game Night
Social Events
Nightlife and After Hours Activities
Yet Another Perl Meme


Weather: what is the forecast?
Dorm rooms and hotels
Who is staying where?
Arrivals and departures
Carpooling to the conference?
Rides from the airport
Rides to the airport
Austin public transit


Conference Rooms and Locations

Meta Conference

Pre-conference Activities
Post-conference Activities
Dining in Austin
Things to do in Austin
Biking in Austin?

Recruiting and job seekers

Perl developers and employers seeking candidates

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