Inside Bokete: Tips of making web applications with Mojolicious and other components

By Yusuke Wada (‎yusukebe‎) from
Date: Wednesday, 5 June 2013 11:35
Duration: 20 minutes
Target audience: Any
Language: English
Tags: cpan mojolicious web

This presentation is about development and operation of "Bokete" using Perl. Now Bokete is popular in Japan as entertainment web service like "". We have websites with 20 million PV per month and iPhone/Android apps with downloaded 1 million times and 300million accesses to application servers.

In this talk, I introduce Perl program and libraries, web application framework "Mojolicious", tools, develpment proccess in Bokete. There are many useful modules written by Japanese authors. For example, about Plack, Mouse for class builder, DBIx::Skinny and Teng as O/R mapper, Cinnamon for deploy tool, Carton like a ruby's Bundler, GrowthForecast for monitoring, etc. Audiences will get the tips and knowledges for making middle-scale web services.

And, I want to know "Can Japanese homor make an overseas audiences laugh?" So, let us see contents of Bokete website !

Bokete web site:

### Table of contents

- Introduction
- What's bokete
- 3 minutes laughing time
- Medium-scale web application
- About libraries using recently
- Mojolicious - Just web application framework
- CPAN modules by Japanese
- Plack - Interface between web applications and servers
- Mouse - Class builder
- DBIx::Skinny or Teng - O/R Mapper
- FormValidator::Lite - Simple form validator
- HTML::FillInForm::Lite - Fast fill in form
- Data::Validator - Validator for args
- Devel::KYTProf - I/O profiler
- Carton - Like a ruby bundler
- Cinnamon - Cool deployment tool
- CloudForecast - Server monitoring application
- Amazon Web Services
- Wrap-up

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