25 Years of Perl at YAPC::NA::2013

This year we remember and celebrate Perl's 25 years, consider its present, and look forward to its future. Perl is among the longest standing of F/OSS projects and YAPC is its community conference. Join us to learn about Perl and meet other folks who use, build, and enjoy Perl.

Come to Austin, Texas June 3-5 for a great conference. You'll be part of Perl's 25th birthday celebration.

The conference will be held in the Joe C. Thompson Conference Center on the campus of the University of Texas. The city of Austin offers a great variety of entertainment and diversion, especially for music lovers.

If you haven't already done so already, please register for the conference if you plan to come. This only lets us know you intend to attend; you still need to purchase a ticket:

You can still pay for the conference now by clicking here. You'll get access to the 3 day conference for a low-low price of $100.00 per person!

The call for talk submissions has closed. You can still submit a lightning talk here.

There will also be additional activities both before and after the conference. You can take advantage of:

You can pay for training at the same time as when you pay for YAPC

We have also allocated rooms for a hackathon space both before and after the conference

Finally this take advantage to see some of the unique features of Austin while you're in town

We expect to see you there: it won't be the same without you.

For questions or concerns, email: admin@yapcna.org

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